SKILD Center for Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences
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SKILD’s main goal is to help children with learning difficulties to get the specialized support that they need to thrive in education.  Alongside providing individualized support at its Center, SKILD works with private and public schools, offering additional resource and training for educators working with children with special needs. Recently, SKILD’s work has further expanded to include the screening and assessment of Syrian children in Lebanese public schools, with the aim of identifying the academic, emotional and social challenges they face.  Moreover, SKILD’s new multi-sensory area offers more services such as teaching social and life skills, music, drama, art and sensory therapy.

A significant part of SKILD’s work involves raising community awareness about the realities of learning difficulties. A major feature of SKILD’s awareness campaign has been the National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties, launched in 2013 with the support of the Ministry of Education and the British Council. Held annually on 22 April, the National Day aims to positively transform perceptions of the issue for teachers, parents, children and the wider Lebanese public.

SKILD’s work at the Center, with private and public schools, and its awareness campaign fall under the larger goal of establishing inclusive educational communities in Lebanon. It is also a reflection of SKILD’s commitment to growing a culture of acceptance and respect for differences. 

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