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ALPS caters to students of every level and offers instruction in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Spoken Lebanese Arabic. All Arabic lessons incorporate the daily life and culture of Beirut enabling students to put their learning into practice right from the first day. Since the Lebanese learn Spoken Arabic in the home, not in school, it can be difficult to find a good curriculum. ALPS textbooks, Lebnani w Aktar, have been developed by linguistic specialists, perfected through years of experience, and proven to produce great results.

“... Lebnani w Aktar is designed to introduce non-Arabs to the Arab culture of Levantine peoples through the study of  language, as they seek to assimilate both their diverse and common traditions. Each will learn how to communicate with the Lebanese people, as well as Syrians, Jordanians and Palestinians, in their own language: Levantine colloquial Arabic”, said Joelle Giappesi, Manager of Academy of Languages and Practical Skills.

 “Our mission as ALPS is to enable the learners to interact with individuals authentically and appropriately. We are therefore presenting the colloquial language in the dress of its speakers’ cultural traditions, encouraging a spontaneous feel for the different contexts that call for diverse types of expression and so give the skill to adapt the colloquial language to the cultural traditions of people they interact with”, said Giappesi.

 “We have been developing this curriculum since ABTS’ Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) established its Arabic language school - ALPS”, said Martin Accad, Director of IMES. “Although we have been using the method extensively, we have never published it officially. Yet it continues to prove very successful and to draw students from all walks of life.”

Giappesi, who is also the author and General Series Editor for ALPS Curriculum clarified that “Lebnani w Aktar is born from a desire to work, through language, toward a rapprochement between the Levantine culture and various western cultures and to bear witness to the health of the Levantine cultural heritage, which is inherently endowed with a deep desire for integrating the diversities and differences of global cultures. ALPS’ Lebnani w Aktar is derived from our strategic emphasis on authentic communication between peoples.”

ALPS is located in Beirut near the American University of Beirut in Hamra.

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