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Since its founding, the Beirut Baptist School [BBS] has earned the acceptance of the community by quietly and lovingly lighting litle fires of hope into the heart of each of student and every home. In fact, the majority of the BBS student body of more than 1300 come from non-Christian families who recognize the school's Christ-centered values as a major benefit. 

Join hands with us on any of these projects that are geared towards maintaining a safe and enhanced school programme and environment:


US$ 35,880



Furnish and equip BBS' Research and Learning Resource Room with 32 computers, educational software, a server and appropriate furniture for the use of over 250 students per year.
US$ 18,000 BBS-iPad         Equip the Special Education Program with iPads along with relevant and appropriate Apps for the use of BBS students.
US$   3,000                                          BBS-SED                             

Purchase occupational therapy material to help improve children's cognitive, physical and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.


 US$  78,000 BBS-Match  1:1 Match Opportunity for the purchase of two much-needed 30-seater student buses and one 15-seater mini-van. 


For more information on any of these partnership opportunities, please contact us 

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