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The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary [ABTS] currently caters to more than 60 men and women enrolled in one of the three theology programs it offers - a one-year Certificate of Theology, a three-year Bachelor of Theology and a three-year Master of Divinity.  Knowing that ABTS students and their sending churches cannot contribute significantly towards the cost of study and trainnig, the Seminary does not turn down eligible prospective students for financial reasons. ABTS relies on God and faithful partners to provide the resources needed for His ministry.  Partnering with ABTS can be on one of the following projects:  


US$10,000 ABTS-Sch         

Equip a leader [man/woman] from the Middle East North Africa region to better serve the Church in their country. This annual amount covers room, board, tuition and books.


 US$ 7,000 ABTS-CHSp 

ABTS' Student body includes couples with children who need appropriate nursery services or schooling. This annual amount covers the room and board and nursery/schooling for one child.


US$20,000 ABTS-Lib                                                                                                

Enables ABTS' Finlay Graham Memorial Library maintain up-to-date resources that meet the demands of the rigorous programs offered at ABTS.  



US$60,000 ABTS-CD                                                                                              

Develop ABTS campus facilities. Current needs include renovating the student housing, installing a new generator and/or solar panels and a water pump; providing laptops and wireless internet access to all students; equipping the library with obile shelving to house more books in a small space; renovating and expanding the catering service.


You can support the Arab Baptist Theologial Seminary's Institute of Middle East Studies [IMES] mandate to bring about positive transformation in thinking and practice between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East and beyond.  


US$20,000 IMES/MEC

Towards the 2017 Middle East Consultation Costs [June 19-23]

US$15,000 IMES/MECBurs  Bursaries towards the participation of non-Westerners in the Middle East Consultation.

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