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The Syria crisis is the largest current refugee crisis in the world! It is the worst since the Rwanda genocide! Over 13 million people in Syria today are in need of multi-sectoral support. Over 6 million are internally displaced in their own country.  Over 4 million others have fled the country and are seeking refuge in the region, including Lebanon that today has the highest per capita concentration of refugees in the world.

Our humanitarian response to the Syria crisis includes

  • Food aid – we are providing food assistance every month to thousands of families combined in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.
  • Health – we have so far funded treatment at a Lebanese clinic for over 4,000 patients, who would not have been able to afford it. The distribution of hygiene kits in Lebanon and Iraq, as well as milk and diapers to families with small children.
  • Winterization – every year we supply families with blankets, mattresses, and stoves to get them through often harsh winters in the basic accommodation most live in.
  • Education – we support local churches in their efforts to help Syrian children with education, including formal and non-formal efforts. We support multiple partners in education at various levels. Most of the children being helped would not otherwise be able to go to school and by continuing their learning we are giving them hope for a better future.

We invite you to join hands with us as we respond to the needs of vulnerable families affected by the Syria crisis. Your contribution can go towards hygiene kits, milk and diapers, food, non-food items ... and/or the area of greatest need at the time.  For more information please contact Projects@Lsesd.org 

For your contributions, our Lebanon bank account details are as follows:        

  • Name of Account   Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development – LSESD
  • Account Number    93086711                                                                                
  • Name of Bank        Fransabank
  • Bank Address        Main Road, Mansourieh El Maten, Lebanon [P.O.Box 11-0393
  • Swift or BIC (Bank Identifier Code)  FSAB LB BX
  • IBAN (International Bank Account No.)

            For transfers in GBP       LB76 0001 0005 1227 7504 0400 3601
            For transfers in EUR        LB38 0001 0005 1227 7504 0670 3601
            For transfers in USD       LB67 0001 0005 1227 7504 0030 3601
            For transfers in CAD       LB79 0001 0005 1227 7504 0200 3601

 Thank you for your prayers and support!


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