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BCYM partners with local churches and ministries and works with vulnerable children including Syrian and Iraqis affected by the war in their countries. In 2016-17, BCYM plans to hold 23 to 25 three-day camps and around 65 one-day follow-up events. Your support is of vital importance in allowing us to stand by these children and providing them with a glimpse of the childhood that they lost.  Thank you! 

  • US$ 10,500 cover the cost of a three-day camp and 1 follow-up event for 85-100 children
  • US$ 1,050 cover the cost of 1 one-day follow-up event for children who participated in a three-day camp

BCYM also holds an annual youth conference that brings together youth leaders from churches throughout the country.  The projected cost is US$ 16,500. Your contribution allows BCYM to subsidize the cost to facilitate the participation of a good representation of youths, and cover the cost of inviting an Arab speaker who can address context-relevant issues particular to their age.

BCYM is assisted in its work by a team of volunteers from various churches in Lebanon. Annually, BCYM plans an annual retreat for its volunteers to further enhance relations and nurture the team spirit that is key for effective ministry, as well as to introduce new concepts, etc..  We invite you to consider contributing towards this annual BCYM youth leaders' retreat which is projected to cost US$ 6,635/-

For details please contact us at Projects@Lsesd.org 

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