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Dar Manhal Al Hayat


DMAH is a publishing house devoted to making available and accessible Christ-centered materials in Arabic. Recent translated titles include the MacArthur Study Bible and David C. Cook’s Action Bible. DMAH also works with the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary [ABTS] on producing theological textbooks in Arabic. Its other function is to develop Arab writers to create indigenous materials. 

In parallel, LSESD’s latest project is the development of “KONOOZ” an Arabic e-reader APP, and “KONOOZ BOOKS” an e-bookstore for Arabic Christian resources produced by various publishing houses in the region.  As such KONOOZ will make accessible an enriching collection of digital resources to those who may have access to the internet but not to certain physical books, often due to socio-political or economic factors.

DMAH believes that knowledge leads to independent thinking which can lead to communities opening up to the Gospel.  It is through these efforts that DMAH seeks to expand the Kingdom of God. 

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