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August 2018 articles

Ready for the real world

For students at LSESD's Beirut Baptist School, it's more than a school. It is their second family, raising them to be ready for whatever opportunities and challenges they face. Read more 

Transformed lives: Making a difference for Lebanese women

The seeds for the extraordinary achievements of BBS graduate Karen Sweid were arguably sown when she was 11 years old. Read more

Inclusive summer camp impacts “special kids”

Give a child a good environment to be in and they are likely to respond. That is what SKILD, Beirut Baptist School (BBS) and Wellspring found in the summer camp they ran together this July. Read more

20 years of LSESD: Peacebuilding and dialogue

The Institute of Middle East Studies has been advocating for peace and understanding and helping to provide opportunities for dialogue since 2003. Read more

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