Empowering the Church

LSESD is committed to enabling the Church to remain relevant and maintain a vibrant witness in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We do so by providing training and resources to a growing network of churches and individuals, encouraging them to be outward-looking and build strong links with their communities.


Our holistic approach to theological education equips faithful men and women in the MENA region for effective service.


We address the needs of both Church and community through our engaging and inspirational Christian and educational resources that address contemporary issues from the Biblical perspective. We publish theological textbooks too.


Our relief work among refugee communities, as well as our peacebuilding initiatives, enable us to forge valuable relationships based on respect and trust between people of different faiths, ethnic groups, and nationalities. We firmly believe that dialogue with “the other” is the only way forward in a region torn by years of war and conflict.


We partner with local churches to enable them to respond to the needs of the community in a holistic manner that caters to mind, body and soul. We do so through capacity building and the provision of material and spiritual resources.

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