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Regeneration Amidst of Destruction

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The scenes of destruction in Syria that have been circulating on social media throughout the Syrian war are a vivid reminder that in a context of war, necessities become luxuries and what might seem trivial or easily accessible for most of us becomes a cherished treasure.

This is what our team experienced firsthand when they were visiting churches and projects that MERATH (LSESD’s relief and development arm) supports in Syria. On one visit, our colleagues had to share the same chair as people were crowding inside the rugged looking church for worship and bible study. Many had to stand outside with rainwater dripping on them through the cracks in the overhang above the door.  

What astonished us the most was the deep spiritual hunger of the people as many sought refuge and comfort in the Word of God, the bread of life, in the midst of so much suffering and hardship.

This is why DMAH distributed over 3,000 bibles to 18 different churches in Syria over the recent months and plans to equip several churches with valuable spiritual and theological resources so that they may continue to faithfully feed and encourage their communities. DMAH now has plans to distribute just in time for Easter its recently published Arabic translations of Why Jesus and Why the Cross by Geoff McIlrath.

We pray these various resources will be a source of encouragement and spiritual growth for the Church in Syria and for the community it is serving both in word and deed.

These resources will soon be available in digital format on KONOOZbooks.com



Colin Gibson

Program Officer | Dar Manhal al Hayat (DMAH)

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