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Echoing the Father’s Love

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In a world full of imperfections and hardships, we search for support, for a hand to hold, for someone who will lift us up when we fall. We all seek and long for love, mercy, faithfulness, peace, and joy, all of which are provided by our heavenly father. It is through our relationship with Him that we learn unconditional love, and through Him that we walk with hope for the future. Through prayer, we seek guidance and comfort, as we try to reflect the qualities of our Father in heaven to those in need of our support, for those who are marginalized and vulnerable in our communities.

One of the SKILD staff, who herself has a child on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, claims that many parents who have children with special needs end up feeling misunderstood and frustrated. Affected by social stigmas and inequalities, these parents spend their lives struggling to develop ways of coping and searching for peace. Our duty as Christians is to echo the Father’s love for them and their children and provide guidance in how they can reflect His attributes as the ultimate parent to their children.

This desire to share our Father’s unconditional love and guidance was a driving force behind the establishment of the SKILD Center for children with learning difficulties and their parents who were struggling to find support.

Recently the team of psychologists at SKILD wrote “Wise Parenting: 60+ ideas for tackling common childhood challenges” Which reflects the values of good parenting that we acquire from our heavenly Father. This pocket book provides parents with tips on how to handle different issues that arise all the way from early childhood to teenage years. Because we know the value of parents’ time, each tip can be read in less than a minute!

The parent-to-parent support group met for the third time this month at the Gateway Bookstore, an atmosphere that has now transformed into their haven. We pray that we will continue to provide support and refuge to parents of children with special needs as we walk with them, hand in hand, in their journey.



Partner Relations Coordinator | SKILD Center



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