By Wissam Nasrallah

For several months, Lebanon has been living at the mercy of power cuts by the state provider and rationing of private generators due to fuel shortages. Public electricity is only available between 0 and 2 hours a day, while diesel has been in short supply and at a very high cost.

No matter where you are – the elevator, the grocery store, the church – it’s only a matter of time until the power blinks off. It’s an unpredictable rhythm, but expected nonetheless.

Practically everything is dependent on electricity: clean water, refrigeration, WiFi, schools, hospitals, and businesses. Thus, the power crisis is exacerbating the daily burdens of most Lebanese who are still reeling from the country’s economic meltdown.

At LSESD headquarters, we are fortunate to have enough fuel reserves to maintain our operations throughout this period.

However, as the fuel crisis lingers with no sign of abating, we are aware that our situation is not sustainable over the long run. This is why we are planning to install a photovoltaic system with a small lithium battery.

Given that Lebanon has abundant sunlight all year long, and solar power is not dependent on the availability of foreign currency for fuel import, we have identified this as a strategic investment to ensure the continuity of our operations.

This PV system would act as a vital primary and back-up system for the main LSESD building to help us maintain essential operations when we need to maintain or ration our generators. 

This investment is essential to keep our operations going for online learning, connecting with partners abroad, and managing current projects.

Our aim is to also install a larger system at the Beirut Baptist School in the Mosaytbeh area in Beirut, where it would be even more efficient given that we can completely turn off our generators during the night and depend solely on the batteries.

Our ministries serve as a crucial lifeline to the most vulnerable in Lebanon. This system is not just about keeping the lights on for our staff and school. If we cannot continue, thousands will lose access to the basic food items, education, and spiritual formation we provide.

We thank you for enabling us to remain in Lebanon and the Middle East as the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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