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Building Unity in the Beqaa

In this spirit of unity, 20 different churches and ministry institutions from the Beqaa Valley gathered in July to learn, exchange, and evaluate best practices for sustainable development.

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The Lord’s Fingerprints

Six months following the Beirut Explosion, ABTS has helped a number of families to get back onto their feet. Despite the hardships, the Lord is still working through this calamity.

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ABTS: A Shelter from the Storm

For many displaced victims of the August 4th Beirut Blast, the Lord has been using ABTS as a shelter. Injured, traumatized, and having lost everything, these people had no idea where they were being sent, just that they were going to a place that would host them.

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Housing the Homeless: ABTS Welcomes 70 Displaced Persons

With the Beirut explosion leaving approximately 300,000 people homeless, ABTS decided to open its arms and its residences to those in need. Upon hearing the shocking news, ABTS staff and partners jumped into action to repaint, remodel, and fix up their student dorms to house those whose homes were destroyed.

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Serve a School, Make a Home

Schools burst with importance: they impart knowledge, develop skills, build character, cultivate good citizenship, and nurture relationships across many levels.

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We Will Continue Together

Every day, the journey becomes more difficult. And the pressures are accumulating, and crises are exacerbating. Oh, what a difficult path this has become.

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BBS AND THE SMART PROGRAM: Handmade Crafts Exhibition

Just before the Christmas break, Beirut Baptist School (BBS) hosted an exhibition for handmade crafts. It was prepared by the students of the SMART Program that is dedicated to preparing students with learning differences and special needs for the opportunities and challenges of everyday life.

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Let the Children Come

or Jesus so loved the world that he came to fulfill our need for salvation. Every Christmas season, we commemorate this message by spreading the good news of salvation among children.

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A Long-Awaited Harvest: BCYM Summer Recap

Ministry work is often like gardening. You till the soil, plant seeds, faithfully water, but mostly you watch and hope for fruit. Then, all at once, when the weather is finally right, the garden seems to explode with new life.

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

Georgette Issa has been in a wheelchair since the age of one. For her, leaving the house is a tough and pricey task. Not only must she pay for rides, but she has to check if there is electricity, so she can use the elevator to move in her wheelchair.

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From Avoidance to Trust: Catholics & Evangelicals

On May 2, BCYM (Baptist Children and Youth Ministry) led a children’s event for over 170 youth! Invited by MIDADE Maghdouche and Abouna Chady, our team had the privilege to spend the day singing hymns, sharing Bible stories, crafting, and enjoying lunch with the community.

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Joy in Her Journey

During the month of March, DMAH dedicated its efforts to empower women and educate them, producing content and organizing outreach events that cater to their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs.

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A Time to Reap

Because the war in Syria deprived so many families of their livelihoods, MERATH has been supporting sustainable agriculture projects in Syria since 2016, that have helped over 900 families of farmers to get back to their fields, cultivate their land, increase their yield, meet their own food needs and plan for the future.

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A Connection that Empowers and Transforms

“The harvest I’m reaping now is the reward of eight years of cultivation and nurturing.” This is the statement of a dedicated educator who went the extra mile believing in the transformative power of grace and compassion.

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Surely He is With Us Always

God knows it has gotten dark in Syria and Lebanon recently. And only God knows if it will still get darker, to what degree, and for how long. But one thing is sure: it will never get as dark as the day God’s only begotten Son died on the cross on our behalf.

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An IDEAL Graduation

In the midst of challenges, despair, and uncertainty surrounding our country, ten young people gave their parents, educators, and peers hope: hope of a brighter future and hope for endless possibilities.

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Work is a Right, Not a Good Deed

The National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties, since its launch in 2013, has become a nationwide milestone and a platform for the promotion of cultural change for almost a decade.

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The Joy of Seeing Them Celebrated

Inside the hall of Saydet El Inaya church in Maghdouche, many families of children and adults with special needs and learning difficulties began to gather. Yet there was one family who caught my attention.

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From a Spectator Church to a Priesthood of All Believers

Instead of being overcome by despair, we realized that, in the same way Christ entered the darkness of our fallen world as “the light of men”, we need to be the light within the tunnel for those around us for “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5).

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Appeal: Sustaining Light on Campus

Lebanon has been living at the mercy of power cuts by the state provider and rationing of private generators due to fuel shortages. Public electricity is only available between 0 and 2 hours a day, while diesel has been in short supply and at a very high cost.

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Where Does Our Help Come from?

Lebanon has been enduring a severe and prolonged economic depression, and it is hard to imagine that the situation could still get worse. Yet it does, every single day, and an even bigger storm is coming.

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8 Months Later

It’s been eight months since the August Port Explosion and what has Lebanon seen change since then? LSESD’s COO, Wissam Nasrallah, shares with us his thoughts on Lebanon and the direction that it is headed in.

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THIMAR Newsletter – May 2023 – Issue 34

Consider how the sower goes about planting seeds in the winter. He patiently and carefully takes care of it and regularly checks for its growth. In a good ground, the roots start to grow deeper, and the stems grow higher as they receive their proper nutrients from the soil, oxygen from the air and sunshine. The waiting is for a season, then harvest time arrives, and with it comes joy and excitement for the sower to gather the fruit of his labor.

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THIMAR Newsletter – April 2023 – Issue 33

We need to rest assured however that after death comes resurrection for those who put their trust in Jesus and in Him only, fully knowing that resurrection is not the end but the beginning of something new: a transformation of individuals and congregations into Christlikeness that leads to restoration of brokenness and decay wherever God’s people are.

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Annual Reports

Impact Report 2021-2022

We trust that God is in control, so whatever work He begins – He will finish. Nothing we do is in vain. In times like these, our communities desperately need a Church that demonstrates the unwavering and practical love of Christ.

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September 2023

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