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The Lord’s Fingerprints

Six months following the Beirut Explosion, ABTS has helped a number of families to get back onto their feet. Despite the hardships, the Lord is still working through this calamity.

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ABTS: A Shelter from the Storm

For many displaced victims of the August 4th Beirut Blast, the Lord has been using ABTS as a shelter. Injured, traumatized, and having lost everything, these people had no idea where they were being sent, just that they were going to a place that would host them.

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Housing the Homeless: ABTS Welcomes 70 Displaced Persons

With the Beirut explosion leaving approximately 300,000 people homeless, ABTS decided to open its arms and its residences to those in need. Upon hearing the shocking news, ABTS staff and partners jumped into action to repaint, remodel, and fix up their student dorms to house those whose homes were destroyed.

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Learning from a Distance: the ABTS Online Program

In the current world of social distancing, we are more than ever called to be the salt and light to others around us. Starting April 8th, we at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) will begin to provide online classes for our current residential students so they can complete their training from the safety of their homes.

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More Than Just a School

“I recently received several calls from my children’s school and did not answer. I wanted to avoid embarrassment in case they were calling about my children’s tuition payments. When I didn’t answer they ended up sending me a message via email describing the actual purpose of their calls: they had a gift for all families. Today, when I opened it, I was surprised by the content of that gift.”

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The Plight of Lebanon’s Teachers

While the compounding crises in Lebanon have impacted virtually everyone in society, there is another—less noticed—group that has been significantly affected by the nation’s crises: Lebanon’s teachers. 

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Prayer for BBS Teachers

On March 9th Lebanon celebrated Teacher's Day. This public holiday exists to express appreciation for teachers' dedication to their work and contribution to society at large. This month, please pray with us for the teachers of Lebanon. Pray for: Creativity as teachers navigate how to adapt their...

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Alice Wazir: Leading BBS Forward

This year, BBS is adapting to a number of significant changes. To accompany the start of a new school year, LSESD decided to sit down and chat with Alice Wazir, BBS’s new principal. 

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Finding Jesus, the Healer

“From pain grew peace and love.” These are the words of 20-year-old Nour, a recent graduate of Home of Hope, a shelter for former Street Kids. Join us as she tells her story of how she met Jesus, the Healer during her time at Home of Hope.

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BCYM Christmas in a Box

The Countdown to Christmas has begun at BCYM. Our team and volunteers have been busy printing, buying, packing and putting the final touches on the Christmas Camp in a Box just in time to distribute to over 1,000 special children across Lebanon.

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BCYM’s Camp in a Box is Out of the Box!

Not letting the pandemic hold them back from sharing the Good News with kids across Lebanon, BCYM has successfully distributed 517 boxes via 30 channels, the majority of which were sent to specifically cater to children affected by the explosion.

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BCYM Camp in a Box

BCYM has launched the Camp in a Box in order to share the love of God with vulnerable children during these troubling times.

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The Book of Revelation – a Comfort in Extraordinary Times!

The book of Revelation in the Bible is not, perhaps, the most obvious example of a comforting read during times of crisis. However, this was certainly the case for one reader, who was aided by our recent publication of the first two parts of Dr. Imad Shehadeh’s commentary series on Revelation.

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DMAH: Pray for Multiplying Bread

Just as food is important to us, so is ‘feeding’ regularly on God’s Word. At Dar Manhal al Hayat (DMAH) we offer a range of daily devotionals to help people meet with God every day. We are especially excited about a devotional for girls that we plan to publish soon. Please pray that our...

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A Heart for the City

The Gateway Bookshop is much ‘more than just amazing books’.  From hosting internationally acclaimed authors, to providing a place of quiet contemplation, our retail bookstore now offers a host of options in addition to selling books and gifts. 

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Warding Off Winter Woes

After a relatively warm December, winter hit Lebanon and Syria hard in January and is expected to continue bringing heavy rains, hailstorms, and snow at higher altitudes. As many vulnerable families in both countries lack indoor heating, we are thankful for our local partners who have reached almost 10,000 families with winter items so far and helped rehabilitate 100 homes damaged in the Beirut explosion, among other much-needed assistance.

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Love in the Time of Corona

The coronavirus is now officially spreading through Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, as well as in other countries in the Middle East. This follows a harsh winter and unprecedented economic and financial crises that have already severely impacted the most vulnerable.

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Drops in the Desert

The war in Syria is far from over. Since early December, over one million people from the Syrian province of Idlib have been displaced with nowhere to find refuge. In other places that are considered “safer”, humanitarian needs have never been greater.

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Welcoming Displaced Children in His Name

The Syrian crisis has dragged hundreds of thousands of children away from their homes and communities, forcing them to live in places where they face harsh living conditions, are deprived of educational opportunities, and do not feel welcomed. In this challenging context, our partner churches are answering their calling to welcome vulnerable children and their families and care for them, giving them a chance at a more hopeful future.

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Celebrating Special Needs Parents

As SKILD enters its tenth year of ministry, we are proud of parents who defied their community, took a stand against its shame and honor culture, and fought for their children to be recognized as an integral part of society.  

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SKILD’s Parent2Parent is Changing Lives

SKILD’s Parent2Parent was created as a support group that is a comfortable space for parents of special needs children to share their experiences and grow together. Watch Anna, a mother of a young girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder, describe her journey from despair to hope after joining Parent2Parent, where she found a listening ear after struggling with unanswered questions and fears for five years.

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Door-to-door Day to Shine

Eyes still shining and hearts still warm, this year’s door-to-door Night to Shine had it all! With humbleness and gratitude, 15 SKILD volunteers prepared special parcels and visited 63 kings and queens with special needs and their families who welcomed them with big smiles as they shared the joy of having their children recognized for their potential.

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Christians in the Middle East

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Christian in the Lebanon? In this video, Daniella Daou, SKILD’s Partner Relations Coordinator, tells us what it is like to be a Christian in the midst of a unique and diverse consociational system.

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Empowering the Powerless

In this video, Betty Maarari, coordinator of SKILD’s Parent2Parent support group, shares with listeners about the importance of protecting the powerless and of giving honor to the weaker parts, since we are all a part of one body.

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Reflections for the Lenten Season

In this video, our partner on the ground, Joe Bridi, shares his reflections on the Lenten season with us. He asks us important questions about how we are living our lives and how we are investing in our relationships with God and others.

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8 Months Later

It’s been eight months since the August Port Explosion and what has Lebanon seen change since then? LSESD’s COO, Wissam Nasrallah, shares with us his thoughts on Lebanon and the direction that it is headed in.

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Light that Shines in the Darkness

It is hard to believe that the ongoing Syrian civil war started 10 years ago. This is an anniversary we all wish we did not have to commemorate. As the situation for families affected by the war keeps on getting darker, God’s light keeps on shining ever brighter through the relief ministry of our partner churches.

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On A Journey Of Hope

Thank you for the generosity you have shown over the last two weeks in partnering with us to strengthen the witness of the Church in the midst of the crisis in Beirut. Here's an update on LSESD's response: 40+ families are being provided with temporary housing in the ABTS residences along with...

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June 2021 LSESD Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, read about how BBS has been sharing unexpected love during the spring holidays, how MERATH partners have been lending a permanent helping hand to refugees, and about how Christians in Lebanon live.

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May 2021 LSESD Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, find out more about: COVID Relief Food Distribution, Bringing BCYM Camps Home to Kids, Serving Jesus Wholeheartedly, Celebrating Special Needs Parents, and Empowering the Powerless

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March 2021 LSESD Newsletter

This month, see how God is shining His light in the midst of the deep regional darkness. Check out our special Syria update. Read the testimony of one Syrian boy who’s prayers were answered. Find out about how God came through for the needs of one local mental hospital.

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