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Learning from a Distance: the ABTS Online Program

In the current world of social distancing, we are more than ever called to be the salt and light to others around us. Starting April 8th, we at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) will begin to provide online classes for our current residential students so they can complete their training from the safety of their homes.

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Family to Gather

Having been encouraged by a friend to attend, on Saturday, January 11th Rana set off for the Family to Gather event that was taking place at the ABTS Moore Conference Center that day. Hoping to find support in the midst of the political and economic crisis happening in Lebanon and keep her family strong despite all of the uncertainty and anxiety it produced, she brought her husband, nursery-aged son, and 8-year-old daughter along with her. What happened for her family there, however, was beyond what she could have hoped for.

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When Tempted to Flee, Stand

Wave after wave of violence has threatened to extinguish the light of Christ in Iraq as the country has been vacated of over two thirds of its Christian population since the early 2000s. And yet, at least one pastor and his congregation can be highlighted as having stood firm in the face of the temptation to flee and chosen to shine as bright lights in the impending darkness.

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Is There Hope?

After two weeks of mass demonstrations, road closures and a resigned Prime Minister, the fate of Lebanon hangs in the balance as the country faces the unknown.

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Your Family, Wherever You Go

On July 6th, Beirut Baptist School celebrated the senior graduation of 64 students! It was a joyous night, not just for the students, but the whole community. To reach this commencement stage, these students faced above average challenges.

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Staying Focused on My Call

“Yet I believe God placed me at BBS for a time such as this, and I believe He wants me to live with love, faith, and enthusiasm, not fear.”

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More Than Just a School

“I recently received several calls from my children’s school and did not answer. I wanted to avoid embarrassment in case they were calling about my children’s tuition payments. When I didn’t answer they ended up sending me a message via email describing the actual purpose of their calls: they had a gift for all families. Today, when I opened it, I was surprised by the content of that gift.”

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Finding Jesus, the Healer

“From pain grew peace and love.” These are the words of 20-year-old Nour, a recent graduate of Home of Hope, a shelter for former Street Kids. Join us as she tells her story of how she met Jesus, the Healer during her time at Home of Hope.

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BCYM Christmas in a Box

The Countdown to Christmas has begun at BCYM. Our team and volunteers have been busy printing, buying, packing and putting the final touches on the Christmas Camp in a Box just in time to distribute to over 1,000 special children across Lebanon.

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Creating Room for Dialogue

DMAH has been focusing this past year on creating a crucial space for people to interact with the rich content of their locally written and translated resources, whether through online platforms, interactive book launches or fellowship-oriented events.

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You Can’t Hide the Church in Lebanon

“It was a joy to get to know those brothers, it was a privilege, considering especially the difficulty that they face and pastoring in an environment with so many people leaving the country,” said Folmar, “Pastoral ministry is hard enough as it is, but to be pastoring in this kind of environment, I really respect those men.”

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The Voices of Arab Women

From February 4-5, Dar Manhal al Hayat (DMAH) hosted a writing workshop as part of their ongoing A Voice for Arab Women project—a three-year project that seeks to elevate the stories of women throughout the Arab world.

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Cultivating Disciples in the Arab World

Only 20 years ago, there were only a few hundred followers of Christ in the Middle East and North Africa region. Now, we’re seeing miraculous growth, even in times of war and crisis. In light of these changes, there is a critical need for discipleship training and spiritual resources – for both new and mature believers alike.

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Building Unity in the Beqaa

In this spirit of unity, 20 different churches and ministry institutions from the Beqaa Valley gathered in July to learn, exchange, and evaluate best practices for sustainable development.

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“Sometimes We Don’t Have Food at Home”

On an early Monday morning in Anjar’s MERATH-supported church-based learning center, young Mazen came in with his classmates for a SKILD-facilitated session on psychosocial support. As part of a series on social emotional learning, that day’s lesson was on positively handling negative emotions.

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Where Does Our Help Come from?

Lebanon has been enduring a severe and prolonged economic depression, and it is hard to imagine that the situation could still get worse. Yet it does, every single day, and an even bigger storm is coming.

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Royalty in God’s Eyes: Night to Shine 2022

Every year in February, Night to Shine sweeps the world, bringing prom to individuals with special needs. It’s a joyful night to remind them that they are royalty in God’s eyes. With the support of the Tim Tebow Foundation, over 600 global sites hosted more than 100,000 individuals with special needs to illustrate God’s love for them.

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Celebrating Special Needs Parents

As SKILD enters its tenth year of ministry, we are proud of parents who defied their community, took a stand against its shame and honor culture, and fought for their children to be recognized as an integral part of society.  

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SKILD’s Parent2Parent is Changing Lives

SKILD’s Parent2Parent was created as a support group that is a comfortable space for parents of special needs children to share their experiences and grow together. Watch Anna, a mother of a young girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder, describe her journey from despair to hope after joining Parent2Parent, where she found a listening ear after struggling with unanswered questions and fears for five years.

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Christians in the Middle East

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Christian in the Lebanon? In this video, Daniella Daou, SKILD’s Partner Relations Coordinator, tells us what it is like to be a Christian in the midst of a unique and diverse consociational system.

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Empowering the Powerless

In this video, Betty Maarari, coordinator of SKILD’s Parent2Parent support group, shares with listeners about the importance of protecting the powerless and of giving honor to the weaker parts, since we are all a part of one body.

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Reflections for the Lenten Season

In this video, our partner on the ground, Joe Bridi, shares his reflections on the Lenten season with us. He asks us important questions about how we are living our lives and how we are investing in our relationships with God and others.

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Light that Shines in the Darkness

It is hard to believe that the ongoing Syrian civil war started 10 years ago. This is an anniversary we all wish we did not have to commemorate. As the situation for families affected by the war keeps on getting darker, God’s light keeps on shining ever brighter through the relief ministry of our partner churches.

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On A Journey Of Hope

Thank you for the generosity you have shown over the last two weeks in partnering with us to strengthen the witness of the Church in the midst of the crisis in Beirut. Here's an update on LSESD's response: 40+ families are being provided with temporary housing in the ABTS residences along with...

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November 2022 Newsletter

As we draw closer to the end of this year, we can’t but be thankful to God for His goodness and His faithfulness in accompanying our family of ministries all throughout 2022.

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September 2022 Newsletter

In this issue of Thimar, we’ll share how different ministries are caring for children, youth, and their families in a way that impacts their whole mind, body, and soul.

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August 2022 Newsletter

In this issue of Thimar, we’ll share first-hand accounts from church partners of how God is working through the Beirut explosion assistance. You’ll also read about a recent capacity-building conference in Zahle, organized with an eye to long-term sustainability.

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