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Housing the Homeless: ABTS Welcomes 70 Displaced Persons

With the Beirut explosion leaving approximately 300,000 people homeless, ABTS decided to open its arms and its residences to those in need. Upon hearing the shocking news, ABTS staff and partners jumped into action to repaint, remodel, and fix up their student dorms to house those whose homes were destroyed.

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Learning from a Distance: the ABTS Online Program

In the current world of social distancing, we are more than ever called to be the salt and light to others around us. Starting April 8th, we at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) will begin to provide online classes for our current residential students so they can complete their training from the safety of their homes.

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Family to Gather

Having been encouraged by a friend to attend, on Saturday, January 11th Rana set off for the Family to Gather event that was taking place at the ABTS Moore Conference Center that day. Hoping to find support in the midst of the political and economic crisis happening in Lebanon and keep her family strong despite all of the uncertainty and anxiety it produced, she brought her husband, nursery-aged son, and 8-year-old daughter along with her. What happened for her family there, however, was beyond what she could have hoped for.

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When Tempted to Flee, Stand

Wave after wave of violence has threatened to extinguish the light of Christ in Iraq as the country has been vacated of over two thirds of its Christian population since the early 2000s. And yet, at least one pastor and his congregation can be highlighted as having stood firm in the face of the temptation to flee and chosen to shine as bright lights in the impending darkness.

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BBS AND THE SMART PROGRAM: Handmade Crafts Exhibition

Just before the Christmas break, Beirut Baptist School (BBS) hosted an exhibition for handmade crafts. It was prepared by the students of the SMART Program that is dedicated to preparing students with learning differences and special needs for the opportunities and challenges of everyday life.

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Finding Jesus, the Healer

“From pain grew peace and love.” These are the words of 20-year-old Nour, a recent graduate of Home of Hope, a shelter for former Street Kids. Join us as she tells her story of how she met Jesus, the Healer during her time at Home of Hope.

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BCYM Christmas in a Box

The Countdown to Christmas has begun at BCYM. Our team and volunteers have been busy printing, buying, packing and putting the final touches on the Christmas Camp in a Box just in time to distribute to over 1,000 special children across Lebanon.

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Joy in Her Journey

During the month of March, DMAH dedicated its efforts to empower women and educate them, producing content and organizing outreach events that cater to their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs.

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Surely He is With Us Always

God knows it has gotten dark in Syria and Lebanon recently. And only God knows if it will still get darker, to what degree, and for how long. But one thing is sure: it will never get as dark as the day God’s only begotten Son died on the cross on our behalf.

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Meet Sahar: Showing the Hand of God

My name is Sahar. I am the program coordinator and case manager of a project that supports and empowers women at my church here in Syria. As a project that advocates against gender-based violence, our main goal is to raise awareness among women concerning their rights and the several types of gender-based violence, as well as reintegrating the women suffering from gender-based violence into the social tapestry by providing psychological support.

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An IDEAL Graduation

It was an IDEAL graduation! In the midst of uncertainty surrounding our country, ten young people gave their parents, educators, and peers hope: hope of a brighter future.

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The Joy of Seeing Them Celebrated

Inside the hall of Saydet El Inaya church in Maghdouche, many families of children and adults with special needs and learning difficulties began to gather. Yet there was one family who caught my attention.

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Ideal and Beyond

“I am very excited to be at NDU. I will definitely do well on my first semester… Whatever [tests] Mrs. Lama gives me, I will do my best to get a perfect score…
I will do public speaking just like the TED Talks, so I am super excited to be at this university.”

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Christians in the Middle East

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Christian in the Lebanon? In this video, Daniella Daou, SKILD’s Partner Relations Coordinator, tells us what it is like to be a Christian in the midst of a unique and diverse consociational system.

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Empowering the Powerless

In this video, Betty Maarari, coordinator of SKILD’s Parent2Parent support group, shares with listeners about the importance of protecting the powerless and of giving honor to the weaker parts, since we are all a part of one body.

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Reflections for the Lenten Season

In this video, our partner on the ground, Joe Bridi, shares his reflections on the Lenten season with us. He asks us important questions about how we are living our lives and how we are investing in our relationships with God and others.

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Where Does Our Help Come from?

Lebanon has been enduring a severe and prolonged economic depression, and it is hard to imagine that the situation could still get worse. Yet it does, every single day, and an even bigger storm is coming.

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8 Months Later

It’s been eight months since the August Port Explosion and what has Lebanon seen change since then? LSESD’s COO, Wissam Nasrallah, shares with us his thoughts on Lebanon and the direction that it is headed in.

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Light that Shines in the Darkness

It is hard to believe that the ongoing Syrian civil war started 10 years ago. This is an anniversary we all wish we did not have to commemorate. As the situation for families affected by the war keeps on getting darker, God’s light keeps on shining ever brighter through the relief ministry of our partner churches.

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Bearing Much Thimar – October Newsletter

What a joy it has been to be able to look back and witness God’s work, protection, and guidance in every step taken throughout the past 25 years. From day one, when we first started, till this very day, we have seen and first-handedly felt God’s presence in our lives and in the lives of the people we served and partnered with.

We gathered to celebrate His faithfulness before ours. We gathered to celebrate the power of His gospel to change lives rather than our persuasive efforts. We gathered to celebrate His love and compassion for the brokenhearted rather than our acts of service. It is with humility but also with great responsibility that we say all this.

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