Service is a part of the culture at the Beirut Baptist School (BBS), and teachers, faculty, and students modeled this through an in-school bake sale with proceeds going to serve the youngest school children. Alia Malki Zaidan, the Math Department Director, hopes they raise 1 million Lebanese Pounds, around $660 USD during this year’s annual event hosted by the Math department. The Money will go towards purchasing Kindergarten play-ground equipment since they are in need of new safety play structures.

The school sent a letter home with parents asking them to donate the baked goods, and then each individual item was sold for between 1,000 and 2,000 LL.  Traditional baked goods such as ManakeeshSambousek, and Fatayer (Lebanese pies)were for sale as wells as cakes, muffins, donuts, cheese and chocolate croissants, and mini pizzas.

In intervals throughout the day classes came by the bake sale and were able to purchase breakfast and snacks, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the cause. Older students also got a taste of service by working behind the bake sale tables, serving the younger students as they managed the crowded and fast-paced sales of sweet treats.

Rebecca Boutros | Program Officer |November 2014

Pictured:  LSESD Executive Director, Dr. Nabil Costa, stopped by the bake sale for some sweet treats and snacks, pictured here with the Math Department Director and Teachers. 

N.B.  To learn more about the BBS, contact us by clicking here.  

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