Beirut Baptist School

Providing Quality Inclusive Education

As an inclusive school committed to rigorous, relevant and holistic education, BBS cultivates and inspires diverse learners in mind, body and spirit to become responsible citizens and successful lifelong learners. Its vision is to see empowered learners and educators think creatively, reason critically and proactively engaged in their community guided by ethical and spiritual values.

A Lighthouse in the Heart of Beirut

The Beirut Baptist School is an academic institution that takes its 1,300 students from Msaytbeh and the surrounding area beyond the boundaries of a classroom and onto a 15-year life-transforming journey. Known to its community as a lighthouse of peace, truth and academic excellence, the school is cognizant of its mission that extends beyond academia. BBS invests in young Lebanese world changers whose everyday academic endeavors are based on Biblical truths. In order to best position learners for a successful professional future, a wide range of academic programs are offered at BBS. The primary program being used is currently the Lebanese Baccalaureate, which is authorized and accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, enabling learners to enroll at a university of their choice in Lebanon and abroad.

Why BBS?

Lebanon is no stranger to strife, violence, and senseless political conflict, which is exactly why a school in Msaytbeh has the potential to impact its community by modeling inclusion and a passionate commitment to its community. The school’s motto is “the truth will set you free” because every morning educators and administrative staff are on a mission to instill biblical character traits in every learner. Cognitive and intellectual efforts alone do not transform communities. Along with its partners and friends, BBS invests in learners’ holistic well-being by offering three critical support programs: group & individual counseling programs, the Afterschool Key Program, and the SMART program. Through breaking barriers of stigma and cultural pressure, the counseling program is free of charge for BBS learners. Many of the students go back to difficult living environments every day, which has prompted the management team to open its doors beyond school hours for learners and their parents to have a place to do homework or receive special tutoring. In addition, the SMART program makes it possible for learners with individualized behavioral challenges to be included in the classroom with their peers.

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BBS News Articles

BBS Prayer Request

BBS Prayer Request

Recognizing ExcellenceThis year, the Beirut Baptist School obtained 3rd prize in a regional reading competition for the number of books read between March 22nd to April 23rd. Let’s hear it for our outstanding BBS students! Bravo!Please Pray for BBSThe Beirut Baptist...

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School Beyond Walls

School Beyond Walls

Not always do we get to tangibly experience the impact of the investments made in a program so quickly. Adopting a wide and robust digital infrastructure through Microsoft classrooms was the best thing that the Beirut Baptist School (BBS) did over the last 3 years.

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Beirut Baptist School

Msaytbeh, Maalouf Street

Beirut, Lebanon

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