Baptist Children and Youth Ministry

Sharing God’s Healing Love with Children and Youth

BCYM organizes events and activities for vulnerable children and youth, including refugees, along with training conferences for youth leaders.

Children in Need

The Baptist Children and Youth Ministry (BCYM) aims to serve vulnerable children and youth in Lebanon by showing them the love of Christ and discipling them to maturity. In addition, it strives to develop long-term relationships with families through regular visits and relief support. BCYM carries out these goals by organizing three-day kids’ camps, one-day follow-up events, and training programs for both youth and children’s ministry leaders within the local churches. BCYM is dedicated to sharing hope and God’s love with even the most downtrodden of children and youths, including refugees, and raise them up into fully-functioning members of God’s kingdom.

BCYM’s Mission

BCYM’s vision is to see a new generation of young men and women rise up to take on responsibilities and initiatives within the children and youth ministries of the Lebanese churches and to reach out to the communities around them that are in need. BCYM’s mission is to identify, encourage, and equip young believers to serve the children and youth in their communities through the embrace of the church. Finally, BCYM’s highest goal is to share the love of Christ with previously unreached communities, to restore hope, and to encourage faith and discipleship through developing long-term relationships with children and their families.

Joining Together

Today BCYM holds around 20 three-day camps each year for Syrian and Lebanese children, along with 20 follow-up events. BCYM also expanded its reach to provide training for young leaders in the local churches, in order to achieve its vision of seeing a new generation of believers rise up to serve their communities through the church. Currently, BCYM hosts training workshops for youth leaders in locations across Lebanon. Additionally, BCYM recently began incorporating online programs into its ministry services in order to reach a wider population as a result of living through a time of social distancing. BCYM hopes to continue to expand its horizons and mobilize even more youth to reach out to the underprivileged within their own communities.

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A Long-Awaited Harvest: BCYM Summer Recap

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

Georgette Issa has been in a wheelchair since the age of one. For her, leaving the house is a tough and pricey task. Not only must she pay for rides, but she has to check if there is electricity, so she can use the elevator to move in her wheelchair.

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From Avoidance to Trust: Catholics & Evangelicals

From Avoidance to Trust: Catholics & Evangelicals

On May 2, BCYM (Baptist Children and Youth Ministry) led a children’s event for over 170 youth! Invited by MIDADE Maghdouche and Abouna Chady, our team had the privilege to spend the day singing hymns, sharing Bible stories, crafting, and enjoying lunch with the community.

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