Beginning of February 2014. Not a restful time in the Middle East, and calls for a good deal of support – physical, financial and spiritual. Why and whom?

Thousands of people are in miserable situation as they lose their homes, their opportunities for a peaceful everyday life in that region, especially in Syria. They are running from their homes just to save their families and their lives.

And there are wonderful Christians who open their heart and they are obedient to their Lord giving hope, sharing what they have and showing the love of Christ acting for people in needs.

The EBWU committee met a pastor from Syria with a rich spirit, and through this contact the inspiration came to start a Relief Fund, Women helping women. Our goal is to give some help especially for women inside Syria and in the neighbor countries, focusing on Lebanon, where they have the majority of the refugees. It was important for us to spend time together with our sisters and with the women in need, to listen them, to talk with them, to be together with them, to meet personally when we share our gifts with them.

Through our trip we experienced the caring love from our Heavenly Father and on the other hand from our wonderful Lebanese sisters and brothers, who took care for us. They provided all their support wherever we travelled, wherever we went. But wherever we met the people they were really friendly, kind and we experienced a wonderful “Eastern” hospitality.

The Heavenly Father thoroughly blessed us as we served together. When we saw the smiling eyes of the women, when the children’s bright eyes followed us, I just amazed how they can find the hope for their future. But there was the hope in their smile. They asked for our prayers with deep trust, without any doubts. Yes, it is what we miss sometimes, the unconditional trust, faithfulness in the Lord. Thank you our dear Lebanese Friends gifting us with these experiences in the ministry together. Through you the Lord is acting in the Middle East. Be blessed and we remember you in our prayers!

by Aniko Ujvari, EBWU President

We are grateful to EBWU and to Aniko Ujvari and Synnøve Gåsvær Angen for your thoughtfulness and support to Syrain refugee women in Lebanon, as well as internally displaced women in Syria. 


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