Let’s Celebrate Together

25 years of God’s Provision

26 September – 1 October

Beirut, Lebanon

What to Expect?

Celebrate and Give Thanks

Look back and give thanks for God’s faithfulness and provision over the past 25 years. There’ll be a daily time to worship the Lord together, pray and meditate on His word.

Discern and Learn

Listen to perspectives on mission from practitioners and experts in the MENA region.

Vision Cast and Plan

Look ahead and envision together how we see the Holy Spirit leading us to pursue the mission of God in Lebanon and the region for the next 25 years.

Sunday, Sept. 24

Sept. 25 & 26

Tuesday, Sept. 26

Wednesday, Sept. 27

Wednesday, Sept. 27

Thursday, Sept. 28

Friday, Sept. 29

Saturday, Sept. 30

Sunday, Oct. 1

Arrival of MEC 2023 participants

Arrival of partners attending the Loving God & Neighbor Together celebration

Recap of MEC 2023
for “Loving God and Neighbor Together” Attendees


Looking back local and regional perspectives on ministry in the MENA region

Looking aheadconsultation with our partners about the next season of ministry
Evening: Vision casting and Wrap-up

Cultural Tour – visit biblical and historical Christian sites
Evening: ABTS graduation

Attend a church service (optional) and airport transfers

An Opportunity to Come Together

Thank you for being loving neighbors in word and deed. We invite you to join us and experience first-hand God’s work in Lebanon and the Arab World. The Loving God & Neighbor Together conference will be a unique opportunity to come together in one place, have meaningful conversations, listen to each other’s stories, and learn from one another.

Meet our church partners, Nabila and Rev. Ara, who will be joining us for our 25th anniversary to provide a perspective on missions in their country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is invited?

Friends and partners of LSESD.  Both leaders and workers. Followers of Jesus with a heart for the Arab World.

When should I plan to arrive?

Arrivals: Recommended arrival on Tuesday, September 26*

Departures: Sunday, October 1st (morning airport transfers will be available, and those who leave later in the day can join our local church partners for morning service).

*If you would like to attend MEC as well, please plan to arrive in Lebanon on Sunday, September 24. (Registration for MEC 2023 opens in April.)

What if I am arriving before Tuesday, Sept 26 and leaving after Sunday, Oct 1?

If you plan to arrive a day earlier than Tuesday, Sept 26 or stay for an extra day or two after Sunday, Oct 1, kindly contact us at together@lsesd.org for accommodation and transportation logistics.

Can I register before booking my flights?

Yes, you can register now and leave your flights information slots empty in the registration form. Once you book your tickets, you can email us your flights information at together@lsesd.org.

Preparing for Your Trip?


The average temperature for September in Lebanon is 29°C (83°F) during the day, and 18°C (64°F) at night. You might need a thin jacket when on an outing in the mountainside where the temperature can be a bit cooler.

Time Zone

Lebanon is in EEST time zone, 3 hours ahead of GMT in September.


The economic situation is changing rapidly due to the inflation. For the moment, Lebanon is mostly dollarized, which means you can safely make payments in cash USD. However, we advise against using credit cards. When you pay in dollars, be prepared to receive change in LBP. You can bring dollars in cash for any extra expenses, and it’s safe to use them in most shops.

LSESD can assist you in exchanging money at the daily rate through a trusted source. We do not recommend exchanging money at the airport. The exchange rate is volatile, but you can check the market rate here for guidance. (You will most likely exchange at a slightly lower rate.)


Lebanon uses 220V with a standard frequency of 50Hz. Most plugs have two circular prongs, as shown in the image below.  

26 September – 1 October | Beirut, Lebanon

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