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MERATH partners with local churches and organizations to support vulnerable families in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, with basic needs, education and child protection, livelihoods and recovery projects.

Displaced and Vulnerable

Nine years into the Syrian crisis, there are still 6.2 million internally displaced people in Syria and 5.7 million Syrian refugees worldwide, and the few who have returned to their places of origin usually remain very vulnerable. In Lebanon, most refugees are still hesitant to go back, and 2019 saw a 5% increase in both general poverty and debt levels, with 73% of refugee households living below the poverty line and nearly 93% of households in debt. The unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon and Syria is also generating increasing vulnerability of everyone living in Lebanon – community members, foreign workers, refugees alike. In this context, the assistance our faith-based partners provide remains ever-more needed and life transforming in many cases.

MERATH’s Mission

It is through caring for the whole person that we best incarnate the ministry of Christ, who both fed the hungry and offered His body as the bread of life. It is in the context of relationship and community that MERATH’s church partners are able to be authentic witnesses to our vulnerable neighbors, unconditionally serving each according to their needs, helping them get back onto their feet again, and restoring each individual’s dignity.

MERATH’s Impact

With its local partners, MERATH seeks to meet thousands of vulnerable households’ most basic needs, by distributing vital food assistance, much-needed winter items to help them keep warm, essential products for families, especially those with young children, and by supporting health services. Furthermore, MERATH provides high-quality non-formal education and psychosocial support in safe and protective environments to vulnerable unschooled children, through learning centers in Lebanon and child friendly spaces in Syria. Through more and more income-generating and recovery projects, local partners also help families and communities move toward a sustainable future.

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MERATH News Articles

Where Does Our Help Come from?

Where Does Our Help Come from?

Lebanon has been enduring a severe and prolonged economic depression, and it is hard to imagine that the situation could still get worse. Yet it does, every single day, and an even bigger storm is coming.

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Warding Off Winter Woes

Warding Off Winter Woes

After a relatively warm December, winter hit Lebanon and Syria hard in January and is expected to continue bringing heavy rains, hailstorms, and snow at higher altitudes. As many vulnerable families in both countries lack indoor heating, we are thankful for our local partners who have reached almost 10,000 families with winter items so far and helped rehabilitate 100 homes damaged in the Beirut explosion, among other much-needed assistance.

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Love in the Time of Corona

Love in the Time of Corona

The coronavirus is now officially spreading through Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, as well as in other countries in the Middle East. This follows a harsh winter and unprecedented economic and financial crises that have already severely impacted the most vulnerable.

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