Our Story


Our Mission and Vision

 Founded in 1998 with roots going back to 1955, LSESD is a Lebanese faith-motivated organization with a holistic approach that seeks to strengthen the local Church and serve the local community by:

  • Restoring hope to the vulnerable and marginalized by addressing physical, emotional and psychological needs in a manner that preserves their dignity
  • Building bridges with local communities by advocating and modelling inclusion, fostering a culture of respect for differences and extending unconditional love
  • Nurturing servant leaders and responsible citizens in Lebanon and across the Middle East and North Africa by training, equipping and resourcing them for effective service and the pursuit of lifelong learning

LSESD’s vision is to see communities transformed and churches flourishing both in Lebanon and the MENA region for the glory of God.

Our Values

We are Christ-centered and aspire to reflect the example of Jesus’ life and teachings in the way we work, as well as to uphold the following values:

  • Integrity is at the core of how we work. It is vital that we work with transparency and honesty. People trust us to adhere to our word and always speak the truth. We are stewards of the resources that are entrusted to us and we will be accountable to God and our partners for the way in which we deploy them.
  • Partnerships are how we engage with different stakeholders whether they are beneficiaries, clients, donors or staff. We recognize their contribution, acknowledge their needs, and commit to working towards a common goal by nurturing inter-dependency.
  • Respect for all involves treating everyone with dignity and compassion disregarding any differences they might have. As a faith-motivated Christian organization, we respect others’ expressions of faith and encourage respectful dialogue between different religions. This is also reflected in our unconditional approach to aid and services.
  • Excellence is the way we do our work. We demand high organizational and operational standards of ourselves, which is achieved through personal and corporate responsibility and accountability.

What We Do

Empower the Church

Leadership Development

Our holistic approach to theological education equips faithful men and women in the MENA region for effective service.

Providing Resources in Arabic

We address the needs of both the Church and the community through our engaging and inspirational Christian and educational resources that address contemporary issues from a Biblical perspective. We also publish theological textbooks.

Sowing Seeds

Serve vulnerable children and youth in Lebanon by showing them the love of Christ and discipling them to maturity. LSESD ministers to the young minds so that they may know Christ and follow His example.

Collaborative Partnerships

We partner with local churches to enable them to respond to the needs of the community in a holistic manner that caters to mind, body and soul. We do so through capacity building and the provision of material and spiritual resources.

Serve Local Communities

Emergency Relief & Community Development

Millions of displaced individuals and vulnerable communities in the MENA region lack security and financial stability and are in vital need of short-term assistance and longterm support.  Through local faith-based partners, LSESD provides thousands of families with necessities – food, clothing, health services and livelihood and development projects to gain new skills so that they can better support themselves and their families.

Special Needs Advocacy & Services

Every child should be recognized for their potential and valued as an integral part of society. LSESD aims to support the underserved special needs community in Lebanon and the Middle East by providing individualized services for students, capacity building for teachers and parents, advocacy and awareness campaigns. In addition, psychosocial support is offered to traumatized children as a result of displacement and war.  


As described by the UN, education is a passport to human development that opens doors and expands opportunities and freedoms. LSESD is committed to invest in the future of a generation of lifelong learners. World class education rooted in Christian values is taught to shape the mind, body, and soul of students as they in turn will shape the future of Lebanon and the MENA region. Students who have experienced forced displacement are also given the opportunity to attend nonformal educational programs that are critical for their sustainability and continued development.

Peacebuilding & Interfaith Dialogue

Promote Christ’s model of peace, by creating multiple spaces for people from diverse social and religious backgrounds to come together, practice and experience the peace of Christ in a region plagued by sectarian divisions. LSESD aims to be an agent of peace and reconciliation among the communities it serves. 

Together We Are Helping Transform the Middle East and North Africa

LSESD pursues its mission in an integrated and holistic approach that addresses the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the community. 

Meet Our Team

A Letter from the CEO

Dear Friends,

The Lebanese and Middle Eastern context is a highly religious one where religion is closely knit with identity. The challenge, however, is when religious affiliation becomes the only form of identity and unites people of the same faith against others of a different faith. This is when religion, which is meant to bring out the best in people, becomes divisive and a source of much pain and suffering, which is the case in many countries and communities today. Yet, is it not amidst such darkness that our light should shine brighter?

As LSESD, our faith-inspired values exhort us to stand by our brothers and sisters in humanity, regardless of who they are, and to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” and to “defend the rights” of the vulnerable (Proverbs 31:8-9). We communicate our faith and values by addressing the basic needs of vulnerable families in a manner that preserves their dignity; by reducing the future vulnerability of students with learning difficulties; in our commitment to growing a culture of acceptance and respect for differences; and in raising socially responsible leaders who take an active role towards the common good.

Today, it is estimated that one in three people is a refugee – Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian or other. While LSESD’s community development and relief arm, MERATH (Middle East Revive And Thrive), takes the lead on our humanitarian response to the Syria crisis, the complexity of the needs have led LSESD’s other ministries to get involved too, each within its own area of focus such as trauma support; assessments and personalized interventions for children at social, emotional, and/or academic risks; activities for children; producing accessible resources that carry a message of hope and encouragement… In parallel, we have new programs that further expand our impact in the community ranging from e-learning, online training, and working with public schools, to education for former street children.

We count on your prayers and support. You can partner with us on a variety of projects that are centered around three main areas of focus: equipping the local church and community-based organizations, education for all, and community development and relief as an expression of the practical love of Christ to the vulnerable and the marginalized in our midst. Contact us for more information. Thank you!

Nabil Costa 

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