Habib Atwi

Graphic Designer

Habib Atwi has served as LSESD’s Graphic Designer since January 2017. His passion for art, photography, and video production have lent flair to his work designing for the various LSESD ministries and other external projects. Habib’s greatest motivator at work has always been his friendships at LSESD, stating that even though times can get stressful, loving the people he works with makes all the difference. One of the things that Habib values most is honesty, especially in the workplace. He feels that it’s important to always say what’s on his mind even if it means going against the grain in situations where most people wouldn’t say anything. But of course, he always tries to sprinkle his message with love, sharing his opinion as gently as possible. A graduate of LSESD’s sub-ministry, the Beirut Baptist School, with a degree in Graphic Design from the Middle East University, Habib describes himself as an artistic person who loves anything having to do with art. In his free time, he takes pictures of nature, landscape, or fashion and loves to read, write, watch movies, and paint. But most importantly, Habib loves spending time with friends. Finally, Habib’s favorite quote is “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” by Winston Churchill.

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