Loulou Korbosi

Administrative Officer

As the faithful Administrative Officer for LSESD, Loulou Koborsi acts as a hub for the flow of information and documentation within the organization. Being the first point of contact for those visiting the premises, Loulou receives and directs all visitors and clients. Distributer of office supplies and coordinator of equipment maintenance, Loulou is also the go-to person for just about anything and everything the staff could possibly need. She skillfully manages meeting agendas and filing systems. Helping foreigners to navigate the bureaucratic paper battle of residency in Lebanon, she prepares all official documents headed for the offices of various Lebanese authorities. Additionally, she tracks petty cash flow for LSESD and MERATH along with the cash incomes of SKILD. On top of all this, she also takes the time to help out with BCYM projects!

Originally drawn by the organization’s vision and mission, Loulou thoroughly enjoys the environment of working at LSESD, where she has been since June 2010, and is motivated by the ability to help and empower other people. She feels accomplishment when she’s able to resolve others’ problems or meet their needs by being supportive, helpful, encouraging, and available. Among her hobbies are exploring and discovering new places, listening to calm music, and reading. When asked about the future, she states, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future!”

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