Rosette Mansour

Senior Partner Relations Officer

The longest-standing employee of LSESD, Rosette Mansour started her career in 1985 working as an administrative assistant at ABTS prior to transferring to the LSESD headquarters in October of 2006, when she joined the Development and Partner Relations Team. In her current role as the Senior Partner Relations Officer, Rosette organizes vision and mission trips for teams visiting from abroad. In order to make sure that their visits are well-rounded, she prepares their programs, connects them with the various ministries, and follows up with them after their return home. Not only that, she also manages the finances and reporting for these visits. In addition to assisting foreign teams visiting Lebanon, she also organizes special local projects such as the Christmas events.

Ever the active woman, Rosette engages in continuing education courses to keep her skills sharp, despite having already obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. Finally, having overcome her own personal trauma story from the civil war, she has also developed a heart to serve refugees, particularly through women’s ministry.

When asked what she likes best about working for LSESD, she says that she loves the combination of professionalism and dedication to ministry. It is also refreshing for her to continually have contact with foreign visitors and the opportunity to see LSESD’s ministry through their eyes. More so than that, Rosette’s motivation for working faithfully for the ministry all these years has been the conviction that what she does, she does for God and not for man. And she seeks to serve God with all of her heart.

Though Rosette is committed to working hard, she likes to abide by the principle of “work hard, party hard”, not forgetting to maintain a proper balance between her professional and personal life. She loves to make time for her family and travel the world. She calls herself a “globe trotter” who has a passion for exploring the world, learning about new cultures, and meeting new people.

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