Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences

Supporting Children with Special Needs and their Families

SKILD supports children and youth with learning differences through specialized intervention, awareness raising, and through providing capacity building and resources to educators, parents, and the general community.

Neglected and Forgotten

Many children and youth suffer from unidentified learning differences that cause them to fall behind in their classes and few schools in Lebanon have a mechanism for recognizing these differences. The parents of these struggling students feel overwhelmed and discouraged about not knowing how to help their children succeed and wonder why they can’t just perform like normal children. Schools are unable to properly assess and assist these students because they lack trained staff or comprehensive programs that are equipped to deal with unique individual learning differences. The community at large remains ignorant of and lacks understanding for the challenges that these students face. And the government pushes the needs of these students off from one ministry onto another, stating that it is not within their domain, hence leaving schools without the funding they need to finance individualized learning programs. Finally, the students are left marginalized and vulnerable as they are misunderstood and rejected by their surrounding communities. Untold potential is being lost as these children are allowed to slip through the cracks and are left unrecognized for the talents and strengths they have.

SKILD’s Mission

In response to all of these issues, LSESD decided to inaugurate the SKILD center in 2011 in order to meet the needs of those children who have been left behind and to fill the gaps left by the educational system. By providing subsidized global assessments, SKILD is able to identify the academic, emotional and social challenges that children face and recognize their individual needs. Once a student has been assessed, SKILD creates an individual action plan for helping the students to advance not only in school but also in their personal life outside of the school walls. Multi-sensory programs such as the Life and Social Skills Sessions help children to learn how to navigate daily life in a fun, failure-free zone. Parents can also find support and a compassionate ear through the Parent2Parent gatherings. What’s more, SKILD helps private and public schools to set up and develop their special education departments by sending a trained team to establish programs or provide additional professional assistance. Finally, SKILD engages heavily in raising community awareness about the realities of learning difficulties and advocates for the rights of children with individual learning styles before the Ministry of Education.

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SKILD News Articles

SKILD: Comforting Distressed Kids

SKILD: Comforting Distressed Kids

In response to the trauma many children experienced during the Beirut blast, SKILD is jumping into action to minister to their emotional and psychological needs in a fun way.

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The Cause for Inclusion Goes Virtual

The Cause for Inclusion Goes Virtual

Nine years ago, an inclusive Lebanon was a dream of many parents with children whose special needs denied them access to educational opportunities, social experiences, and economic independence. Hiding your child with special needs was the norm. Whenever you took him or her out meant that you were going to be shamed and ridiculed. The SKILD Center is a dream come true for its founder, Dr. Nabil Costa, also a parent to a child with special needs, and for many educators, specialists, and visionaries.

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Life on Lockdown

Life on Lockdown

Household dynamics shifted as we entered new times where social distancing, online learning, and working remotely became the norm. With the new living conditions and constant negative news, anxiety and stress are bound to knock at our doors. Among the many challenges we are facing, the main psycho-emotional one is finding creative ways to cope with our stress.

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