Are you fascinated with the Middle East but want to learn more about the region, language, and culture to help you understand it better? Through ABTS, LSESD offers a number of opportunities for foreigners looking to come study in the heart of the Middle East amidst a vibrant culture and people. The length of committment depends on you! You can start by signing up to attend the five-day Middle East Consultation or engaging in a one-month Arabic course at ALPS. If you’re looking for a long-term stay in Lebanon, consider signing up for a Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies at ABTS.

Types of Study at ABTS

Check out the options below to plan your study in Lebanon.

Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MRel)

MRel is a unique and innovative multidisciplinary program designed for individuals who want to go deep in addressing the real issues facing Middle Easterners in and beyond the Middle East and North Africa.

Middle East Consultation (MEC)

The Middle East Consultation equips participants to respond in prophetic and Christ-like ways to the challenges facing Christians and Muslims in and beyond the Middle East.

ALPS Arabic Classes

Are you interested in learning colloquial Arabic right in the heart of the Levant? Come study at ALPS, our Arabic language school, which has two locations—one in Hamra and one in Mansourieh. Here you can take clear and comprehensive courses following the ALPS Method, carefully developed by linguistic specialists and designed to introduce students to Arabic culture and daily life through the study of language. Courses are offered both in the Lebanese dialect and Modern Standard Arabic.


Watch what some of ABTS’s Master of Religion graduates had to say about their experiences with the  program.


P.O. Box 60

Mansourieh – Maten 


+961 04 400 250

+961  78 950 928

ALPS – Hamra

Souraty Street

In the Ras Beirut Center Building

4th Floor

Beirut, Lebanon

+961 01 755 025

ALPS – Mansourieh

Blata Street

Mansourieh – Maten


+961 01 755 025

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