Echoing the Father’s Love

Echoing the Father’s Love

In a world full of imperfections and hardships, we search for support, for a hand to hold, for someone who will lift us up when we fall. We all seek and long for love, mercy, faithfulness, peace, and joy, all of which are provided by our heavenly father.

The Father of Second Chances

The Father of Second Chances

Two important aspects of our faith are the intimacy of our relationship with God and that we are part of a community of fellow believers. Both wonderfully highlighted in the opening two words of the Lord’s Prayer.  God’s great love for all people is also a central theme of our latest book release When Righteous Fall by Rev. Dr. Nabil Haddad.

Regeneration Amidst of Destruction

The scenes of destruction in Syria that have been circulating on social media throughout the Syrian war are a vivid reminder that in a context of war, necessities become luxuries and what might seem trivial or easily accessible for most of us becomes a cherished...

SKILD launches a special needs book for churches

Schools, universities and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education – SKILD has already raised the profile of children with special needs across many institutions in Lebanon. Next up are churches. Diversity: Scientific Knowledge and a Spiritual Mission is a new...

Launching of 3 new Arabic Language Resources

Three Biblical reference books to help Arab Christians get a deeper insight into the Scriptures have just been released by LSESD’s publishing house, Dar Manhal Al Hayat (DMAH). The books have been produced in conjunction with the Arab Baptist Theological...

Dar Manhal Al Hayat: Finding your source of life

When we think about the source of our lives, often we think of health, money, time, food, sleep, etc. However, if we take away all of these things, could we still live? If we depend on ourselves, no, but if we look to Jesus as our Source of Life then, yes, we can....

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