Tempted by Hope: Giving Tuesday

by Emily Hoppin

Communications Officer

What if a story of hope came out of the Middle East instead of the usual news of war and chaos? What if you had a chance to partake in this story of hope?

In a country where the Lebanese youth see no other prospects than to emigrate and the refugee Syrian youth have never known anything besides displacement and need, the ache for hope and meaning amidst the senseless suffering is overwhelming. By reaching out to the hurting children of Lebanon and sharing the love of Christ with them, the Baptist Children and Youth Ministry (BCYM) brings light into the darkness with the offer of healing and renewed hope.

What is this hope? It is a hope that stems from the knowledge of God’s love and from a sense of community, of belonging, and of never being alone.

BCYM shares this hope with the disempowered children and youth of Lebanon through its three-day camps and follow-up events where children can have fun and learn about the love of Christ, through its training workshops and conferences for youth and youth leaders, and also through its home visits.

This Thanksgiving, in order to support BCYM’s programs and activities, LSESD and MEBO will be taking part in the worldwide Giving Tuesday campaign. By participating in Giving Tuesday to raise support for the work that BCYM engages in among refugee and vulnerable Lebanese children, LSESD is investing in Lebanon’s future and raising awareness about the dangers of neglecting Lebanon’s next generation.

Partner with us this year by giving the gift of hope to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese children. By doing so, these precious lives have a chance to experience the love, joy, and hope that Christ brings to the world, giving them more confidence for their future. With the help of generous sponsors, BCYM’s desire is to be able to continue its meaningful work among underprivileged children and youth and even expand it horizons to minister to previously unreached communities. Please consider joining us in this endeavor on December 3rd and follow us on Facebook to receive further updates about the campaign!

What if a story of hope came out of the Middle East instead of the usual news of war and chaos?

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