By Colin Gibson

“So thankful for these 2 books that comforted me especially in the difficult time we went through.”

The book of Revelation in the Bible is not, perhaps, the most obvious example of a comforting read during times of crisis. However, this was certainly the case for one reader, who was aided by our recent publication of the first two parts of Dr. Imad Shehadeh’s commentary series on Revelation.

Our reader particularly liked how in Understanding the Present Time and Being Prepared for the Time to Come “the author presents the many points of view, then shows the points of strength and weakness in every interpretation….. [and the]…. practical application to the teachings”.

Dr. Imad Shehadeh

“I loved these 2 books and can’t wait to receive the 2 other volumes.”

As in many parts of the world, the current crisis has caused people in the Arab world to feel anxious and confused. At Dar Manhal al Hayat we are helping people find answers through some of our many Christian publications. Even though retail outlets are closed, we have been working hard to provide other ways for customers to obtain our books. Delivery to local churches for collection is just one example.

Your contribution will help us print the last two volumes of Dr Shehadeh’s series and bring comfort and understanding to many more of our readers.

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