By John Saliba

Among the different jobs that many people regard as important, we cannot overemphasize the importance of a teacher’s pivotal role in society. They are more than just educators. They are counsellors, mentors, role models and second parents. As Teacher’s Day was celebrated in Lebanon, the theme of BBS has been سوا منكملwhich meanswe will continue together.” A message that portrays the familial  relationship among the teachers and staff, as well with their students, beyond being just employed. They have been carrying out their duties to the best of their abilities despite the daily struggles of everyday life and crisis in Lebanon. Thanks to the efforts of the teachers and staff, BBS is running successfully and providing the best education and care possible to its students despite the overwhelming challenges.

Below is the letter BBS Principal, Alice Wazir,  sent to teachers and staff on Teacher’s Day.

Every day, the journey becomes more difficult.

And the pressures are accumulating, and crises are exacerbating.

Oh, what a difficult path this has become.

Every day I ask myself, is what happened to us real?

Is it possible that problems extinguish the lighthouse and education flies away like dust?

Is it possible that the lighted candle will see such a day as this?

Is it possible that the messengers of education are ruled by reckless hands, and how many they are!

As I look for a teacher, I find him suffering from so many worries and confused.

But despite all this, there must be a celebration day.

A day, we remember that education is a message of hope that rejects failure and collapse.

Teacher’s Day is not limited to a day, but rather it is a celebration of a lifetime because the journey is better with you.

You, who by your hands hold the little ones’ hands, accompanying them until they become adults.

On your special day, I say to you, I know that you are very upset and maybe depressed…

but remember that you are not abandoned.

Because this lighthouse, of which you are its light and foundation, is taken care of by the Almighty God of the universe.

Relying on Him, we will remain together, raising generations united by love and laughter full of joy that fills our present day and continues to the end of the journey despite everything that is happening.

with love, 

Alice Azar Wazir

Pray for BBS Teachers

Both private and public schools are reeling from the country’s economic collapse in Lebanon. Pray for resilience for the teachers to continue giving their all amid the daily stress and financial crisis, and for financial provision for BBS as they navigate covering operational expenses.

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